crown They went down, down, .. Crown has bonded with the technology of the late Dr. William Fields, which gives him his powers: aside from the usual super strength and speed, and the ability to fire powerful energy blasts, the Crown can also alter his body into any shape and size he wishes and can teleport in an enormous black blast. Unfortunately for him, this process has drastically shortened his lifespan and he turned to Hydra for help. Eventually, in a fit of rage, he decided to go out in a city-shattering explosion; he was thwarted in this but thought dead, until he resurfaced as the vampire known as Hunger.

Once upon a time there lived in the village of Montignies-sur-Roc a little cow-boy, without either father or mother. His real name was Michael, but he was always called the Star Gazer, because when he drove his cows over the commons to seek for pasture, he went along with his head in the air, gaping at nothing. As he had a white skin, blue eyes, and hair that curled all over his head, the village girls used to cry after him, `Well, Star Gazer, what are you doing?' and Michael would answer, `Oh, nothing,' and go on his way without even turning to look at them. The fact was he thought them very ugly, with their sun-burnt necks, their great red hands, their coarse petticoats and their wooden shoes. He had heard that somewhere in the world there were girls whose necks were white and whose hands were small, who were always dressed in the finest silks and laces, and were called princesses, and while his companions round the fire saw nothing in the flames but common everyday fancies, he dreamed that he had the happiness to marry a princess.