• Subject of My Research

 My research interests concern applications of probabilistic methods to asymptotic enumeration problems of combinatorics and graph theory. The results obtained are usually given in the form of probabilistic limit theorems of local and integral type. Thus, a concrete class of combinatorial structures is always studied in the context of a probability space. The latter has been previously provided with an appropriate probability measure defined on the class under consideration.
     A significant part of the results in my publications is devoted to models of random mappings of a finite set into itself. The uniform model, the model with a single attracting center the general (T; Pj) model as well as random permutations and random mapping patterns are studied. Various asymptotic results are obtained under the assumption that the cardinality of the underlying set tends to infinity.
    Combinatorial structures which posses generating functions satisfying wild analytical conditions of admissibility type are also investigated. This approach enables us to obtain some asymptotic properties of other types of structures: random partitions of a finite set and random partitions of a positive integer.

  • Research Work in Progress


At present I am interested in:

    • establishing local limit theorems for sums of i.i.d. discrete random variables when their distribution depends on the number of summands;
    • applying such results to the asymptotic enumeration of various kinds of combinatorial structures (mappings, trees, forests, partitions);
    • applying results of random mapping theory to network models and especially to models of a contagious disease spread along the arcs of certain types of random graphs;

  • Teaching Experience
    • Lectures and Seminars:

Statistics and Business Statistics (required courses for the students in the American University in Bulgaria)
Mathematical Statistics (a Mathematics Major course for the students in the American University in Bulgaria)
Statistical Methods in Research (a Mathematics Major course for the students in the American University in Bulgaria)
Combinatorial Analysis and Probabilities (a course for graduate students in mathematical statistics, lectured in 1978, 1983, 1985 and 1989 at
Sofia University)
Mathematical Statistics for Biologists (a course, lectured in the period 1978-88 at Sofia University)


    • Supervising PhD, Graduate and Undergraduate Students.

Sofia University: Diploma works defended at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of Sofia University in 1979, 1981, 1991, and 1998.

Institute of Mathematics and Informatics of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences: PhD student: Emil Kamenov; thesis defended in May, 2012.

American University in Bulgaria: Senior Theses defended in 2008 and 2011.



  • Recent Publications


  1. Mutafchiev, L., On the size of the Durfee square in a random integer partition, J. Comput. Appl. Math. 142 (2002), 173-184.    
        (PDF version here)
  2. Mutafchiev, L., The typical growth of the kth excess in a random integer partition, Monatsh. Math 136 (2002), 313-325.
        (PDF version here)
  3. Mutafchiev, L., Erratum, J. Combinatorial Theory, Series A 102 (2003), 447-449
        (PDF version here)
  4.  Kolev, N. and Mutafchiev, L., A zero-inflated occupancy distribution: exact results and Poisson convergence, Int. J. Math. & Math. Sci., 203(2003), 1771-1782.
        (PDF version here)
  5.   Mutafchiev, L., On the Maximal Multiplicity of Parts in a Random Integer Partition, The Ramanujan Journal. 9(2005), 305-316..
        (PDF version here)
  6. Yanev, G. P. and Mutafchiev, L., Number of Complete N-ary subtrees on Galton-Watson Family Trees, Methodology and Computing in Applied Probability, 8 (2006), 223-233, Available at:
  7. Mutafchiev, L., The Size of the Largest Part of Random Plane Partitions of Large Integers, INTEGERS: Electron Journal of Combinatorial Number Theory, 6 (2006), #A13. Available at: 
  8. Mutafchiev, L., Kamenov E., Asymptotic Formula for the Number of Plane Partitions of Positive Integers, Compt. Rend. Acad. Bulg. Sci., 59 (2006), No 4, 361-366.
        (PDF version here)
  9. Mutafchiev, L., Asymptotic Enumeration of Plane Partitions of Large Integers and Haymanís Theorem for Admissible Generating Functions.
        (PDF version here)
  10. Mutafchiev, L., Kamenov E., The Limiting Distribution of the Trace of a Random Plane Partition. Acta Math Hungar., 117 (4) (2007), 293-314. Available at

11.  Mutafchiev, L., Survival Probabilities for N-ary Subtrees on a Galton-Watson Family Tree. Statistics & Probability Letters 78 (2008) 2165-2170. Available at†††

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14.  Mutafchiev, L., Sampling part sizes of random integer partitions. Ramanujan J. DOI 10.1007/s11139-014-9559-6 Available at

15.  Mutafchiev, L., A note on Goldbach Partitions Of Large Even Integer. Electronic J. Comb. 22(1) (2015), #P1.40 (Available on the website of the journal).

  1. Mutafchiev, L., Sampling parts of random integer partitions: a probabilistic and asymptotic analysis. Pure Mathematics and Applications Vol.25 (2015), No.1, pp.79-95.Available at
  2. Mutafchiev, L., On the Distribution of the Number of Goldbach Partitions of a Randomly Chosen Positive Even Integer. Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 54(2016), 3-8. Available at





  • List of Publications
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